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276: Stretching the Boundary

by handivoices


Hi – I’m Pete Honeyman – musician, educator, woodturner, I’m stretching the boundary of H&I voices this week – I’m based in Perth, which is not in the Highlands, neither am I from the Highlands or indeed Islands and as it happens I was born and raised in Yorkshire (but don’t hold it against me).  I  do have family connections to Caithness, and have spent a lot of time in that oft neglected and beautiful corner of the region.

I have lived in Scotland for over 35 years, and work for UHI – I’ve been involved with the UHI project since the very beginning back in the 90s and these days I have responsibility for music, art, sound production, design, drama, film and creative writing courses throughout the university from jhetland to Argyll.  This means I get to travel a  lot around the patch, and this week will be in Inverness for a few days.

It’s a great privilege to have a job that involves travelling in the most stunning countryside, and to work with such amazing creative people who do such fantastic work with students and the creative sector.

I’m a performing musician, mainly jazz and blues and R&B these days, though I have turned my hand to most styles, and turn perfectly good chunks of wood into piles of shavings in the name of woodturning.

So, expect travel pics, some music, some heroes of mine, and I may ask .you some questions – there will be a test.



275: What We Do In The Winter

by handivoices


I’m Alasdair Satchel, I run a podcast series about the lives of the people of Mull, Iona, Ulva and Gometra called What We Do in the Winter.

Throughout the week I’ve been exploring notions of community and belonging.  I’m fascinated by the Gaelic notions of Dìleab and Bunachas, inheritance (in a cultural sense) and rootedness.

I’ve been looking at language, imaginary podcasts, asking for questions to ask the podcast interviewees, books and films about community and culture.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the podcast have a look at whatwedointhewinter.com or have a rummel around your nearest podcast platform.


274: Sam Bubbly

by handivoices


30th Dec 2018 – 5th Jan 2019

Hi so I’m Sam @sambubbly from Loch Maree. I’m an artist – need to paint more rather than spend my life on the A9! People tell me I’m chaotic – domestic goddess not. My big big mouth got me involved in a global art project #TAE19 http://www.twitterartexhibit.org #ArtonaPostcard for charity – this year #twitterartexhibit is supporting  ArtinHealthcare http://www.artinhealthcare.org.uk – they bring creativity and art to those in healthcare through visual arts and workshops. We’re currently inviting artists to join us (it’s free) by sending original postcard sized work, so if it’s ok I’d like to tweet a bit about that to ask Highland and Scottish Artists to join in.

I’ll probably tweet about my daughters horse and our view and generally chat about trivia and life. Is that ok? Looking forward to meeting everyone. Thanks

273: Fiona Ross

by handivoices


23rd – 30th December 2018

Hello! My name’s Fiona, and I’m a Highlander living and working in Yorkshire, where I work in Account Management (ooh, vague).

I grew up in Evanton, Ross-shire, followed by a brief stint at Aberdeen University before finishing my degree in Education at the University of York. I’ve lived in Leeds for 5 years now, with a year’s hiatus where I taught English in Seoul, South Korea. My other half and I have been back in the UK for just over a year; we recently moved to a new house and got engaged so I’ll try not to bore you on those topics.


As I’m working over Christmas and then travelling home for Hogmanay, I thought I’d share some snippets from my life ‘down South’ and our journey North at the end of the week. The photo above was taken at Dornoch beach, my favourite place in the whole world (and that’s no exaggeration).

Looking forward to sharing this week with you all!

272: Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn

by handivoices


16th December – 23rd December 2018

Hi, my name is Courtney!

I’ll be taking over this week along with some of my colleagues at Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn, a community land trust based in the north of the Isle of Lewis.


I am currently working as a Marketing, Events and PR officer as part of the ScotGrad scheme.

Looking forward to an exciting week!

271: Isobel Thompson

by handivoices


10th December – 16th December 2018

Hi everyone, I’m Isobel from Westray, Orkney. I’m happy to be taking over @HI_Voices Twitter account this week. I’m currently on a ScotGrad Graduate placement at Westray Development Trust.



I work as the Trust’s Social & Economic Researcher but when my placement comes to an end I will then be WDT’s Project Officer, managing various community projects on the island.


270: Abbie and Andrea, Portavadie

by handivoices


2nd December 2018 – 9th December 2018

Hello everyone, we are Abbie and Andrea from Portavadie, Loch Fyne. We are very excited to be taking over the @HI_Voices Twitter account this week. We are both on ScotGrad Graduate placements at Portavadie.

Abbie is the Graduate Marina Marketing Manager, focusing mostly on marketing strategies and social media. Andrea is the People and Development Manager, focusing on Team Portavadie and their development.

We will be tweeting about both our work and what we get up to in our spare time.

We hope you enjoy our week 🙂

Portavadie’s Social Channels:

Twitter – @portavadie

Facebook – @portavadie

Instagram – @portavadie

YouTube – Portavadie Loch Fyne


269: Helen MacDonald

by handivoices


25th November – 2nd December 2018 

Hello, I’m Helen and I live in Tobermory.  My day job is Housing Project Officer for Mull and Iona Community Trust, managing affordable housing developments at Ulva Ferry, which you can read more about at our @UFLDO account.

My second job (does anyone just have one job in the Highlands & Islands?) is Development Agent for Argyll & the Isles Tourism Co-operative (@wildaboutargyll), supporting Visit Mull & Iona (@visitmull_iona).

I am a voluntary Director of Tobermory Harbour Association (not currently active on Twitter, but home of @mullaquarium).

In my spare time (!) I am a wife, mother, and occasional gin drinker, and you can find me at @lilymacd.

This week I’ll be following on from Linsay with tweets about community development here on Mull, but also tweets about my day to day life – I hope you find it interesting!


268: Linsay Chalmers

by handivoices


18th – 25th November 2018


I’m Linsay Chalmers, the Development Manager for Community Land Scotland, which is the representative body for Scotland’s community landowners. Our members buy land as a way of regenerating and revitalising their communities. We have over 80 members and together they own over 560,000 acres of land and are developing everything from affordable housing to a spaceport. You can find out more at http://www.communitylandscotland.org.uk.

In my spare time, I’m a Director of South Cowal Community Development Company and Chair of South Cowal Community Enterprises, which is in the process of trying to buy our village shop. I’ll be tweeting about that a bit too. I’m originally from the Scottish Borders and spent nearly 30 years living in Edinburgh, but moved to Toward in Argyll 18 months ago.

This week, I’ll be visiting members in the Outer Hebrides and Skye and then, at the end of the week, I’ll be back in South Cowal working on the shop buyout and hopefully doing some seal spotting.


267: Callum Black

by Simon Varwell


11th – 18th November 2018

No bio submitted.

266: Dyslexia Scotland Inverness

by handivoices


4th – 11th November 2018

Hello! The account this week is being curated by the Inverness Branch of Dyslexia Scotland in celebration of our annual Dyslexia Awareness Week.

Our committee is made up of a small group of volunteers, who in our day jobs represent a number of sectors including local council, education, health care, childcare, animal veterinary services, and health & safety.

We are a merry mixture of adult dyslexics, parents of dyslexic children, teachers or employers, all with a common purpose…

…to raise awareness of dyslexic life – highs and lows, strengths and pressures and the difference that the right support and encouragement can make in school or the workplace.

If you’d like to find out more drop us an email ds.inverness@gmail.com or follow us on twitter @DyslexiaScotInv

Through our charity work we are changing perceptions of the many benefits dyslexic thinking brings and more and more people will say with pride that they are #madebydyslexia

We really appreciate the opportunity to share this week with you all and be one of the many @HI_Voices 💙

265: Joanna Peteranna

by handivoices


29th October – 4th November 2018

Hello!  My name’s Joanna (Jo) and I live and work in Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides.  I am married with three secondary-age children and a cocker spaniel.

I was born and raised in Paisley but my father is from North Uist so I have lots of family here and spent my childhood holidays on the croft.  I went to university in Edinburgh and worked there for a few years before settling in Benbecula with my husband who is from South Uist.

I work for Highlands and Islands Enterprise and I will tell you a bit more about that throughout the week as I travel here and there in the pursuit of economic development.

In my ‘spare’ time I am conductor of Coisir Ghadhlig Uibhist (Uist Gaelic Choir), Chair of the Sgoil Lionacleit Pipe Band and Treasurer of the Sgoil Lionacleit Parent Council.

264: Mike Farquhar

by handivoices


21st-28th October 2018

Hello! My name’s Mike, and I’m a Highlander living and working in London, where I’m a consultant paediatrician at Evelina London Children’s Hospital.

I grew up in Inverness, Tain and Westhill (the Aberdeen one), went to university in Edinburgh, and worked in Glasgow for 5 years before moving to England in 2006. I’ve lived in London for 7 years now.


I’m looking forward to telling you a bit about my job (I’m a children’s sleep doctor), a bit about some projects I’m involved in, a bit about living in London (I love taking photos!) and maybe a bit about how growing up in the Highlands helped make me the person I am today. Looking forward to it!

263: Linda Cannon

by handivoices


14th – 21st October 2018

Hello! I am Linda, originally from Edinburgh but I have been living in the North East Highlands for 6 years now.  My Husband accepted a job promotion to the Highlands. I have great memories of childhood holidays in the North West Highlands but never thought I would be lucky enough to actually live here. During the past 5 years I have been a full-time mother and I hope to get back in to work now that my wee one is at school.  I look forward to curating the @hi_voices Twitter account. I will be sharing my views, photos and interests with you for the next week.

262: Merkinch Primary School

by Simon Varwell


7th – 14th October 2018

No bio submitted.

261: NessBookFest

by handivoices


30th September – 7th October 2018

We are a volunteer-run book festival in Inverness who bring book  events to the Highland capital without charging audiences a penny (cue frantic fundraising the rest of the year!).

This year we have well over 30 events. You can check out our programmes, both for schools and for the public, here.

Our festival is set to run from Thursday this week (4th-7th Oct), so you are getting a behind-the scenes insight into the frantic lives of the NBF volunteers. We can’t wait to let you in!

NessBookFest is where grassroots and emerging writers sit equally beside big names. Where tickets are FREE #nobarriers! Where we encounter life through books, and meet the people behind the words. We’re excited!


Just some of our plucky volunteers


260: Carrie Afrin

by handivoices


16th – 23rd September

I am delighted to be joining H & I Voices this week and sharing a bit of my busy life.  I’m a Mam to two young children and I’m self employed. My business has a few strands but mainly I work as a Voice over artist from my home studio and this allows me to link in with clients anywhere in the world. I record corporate voice overs (vo’s), commercials, phone systems… anything with a voice!

I also work as a Gaelic singer and music tutor – this is my favourite part of my work life.  I am lucky enough to work with nursery and primary age children delivering the Artsplay Highland, Music Matters program and The Traditional Music Youth Music Initiative for Feis Rois and Feis Chataibh. These organisations do a huge amount for our young people in Highland. You can find out more on these links:

Artsplay Highland – They deliver a variety of Music and arts workshops. They include strands of Kodaly, Dalcroze, Orff, Traditional, instrumental, dance, movement, drama and art.

Fèis Rois – As well as all of the work they do in the schools the Fèis also offers weekly classes and week long residentials. Check out their webpage for more info.

I’m very lucky to work in different week long Fèis’ throughout Scotland and can’t recommend these highly enough if your child is interested in learning an instrument. This website will give you a full list of Fèis on offer in Scotland.  I’m planning an Island holiday soon where the children can attend Feis.

As a family, myself and the kids really enjoy exploring different woodland walks, den building, walks on the beach and music…….. lots and lots of music. One of the best bits about living in the highlands is the amazing scenery we get to see every single day.

I’ll look forward to following H&I voices in the future and getting  an insight into different perspectives of life in the Highlands.

Carrie Afrin


259: Tain and District Development Trust

by handivoices


9th to 16th September 2018

Hi from Team TDDT! We are the Tain and District Development Trust. Our aim is to boost the Social, Economic and Environmental aspects of Tain and Surrounding areas. We are a community-led organisation that engages in enterprising activity to ensure the long term sustainability of our community.

This week we would like to share with you our various community projects including a new Community Enterprise Hub and the restoration of an Andrew Maitland, Grade B listed building within the heart of Tain.

We would like to explore with you the importance of community empowerment and share with you examples of the community projects and stories that have inspired us so far.

258: Jen & Mike

by handivoices


3rd – 9th September 2018

Jen and Mike – new to living the highland life and excited to share stories about living in this beautiful part of the world!

Working with Farmer Jones, inspring the next generation about farming, food and drink entrepreneurship.



257: Family ByCycle

by handivoices


26th August – 2nd September 2018

No bio submitted.